Retirement & Financial Planning

At Fortis, we understand that no two people have the same financial aspirations & goals. From our first conversation with a client, we set out to build a relationship that tailors a comprehensive plan according to an individual's unique needs.

Business, Liquidity & Exit Planning

Business owners experience their own unique struggles and understand that creating their own financial freedom does not happen overnight. In addition to hard work, planning at every stage of a business’s life cycle ensures there is a roadmap in place that illustrates the impact of each and every business decision.

Private Wealth Management

Within every economic cycle there are peaks and troughs and navigating through any market can be challenging without a process. We aim to protect gains in down markets and participate in up markets. We've partnered with a risk management firm to ensure we have accurate data to thoroughly analyze and position our portfolios for the highest probability of success.

Estate & Legacy Planning

Estate planning is a process that allows an individual to specify who will manage their estate, who receives their money, how they receive it, and when they receive it. Failure to plan ahead would result in a default to state law in determining the ultimate disposition of an estate. We work with our clients, their families, and collaborate with their legal and tax counsel, to develop a comprehensive framework that will ease the estate planning process and make sure their wishes are carried out.

Insurance - Life, Health & Disability

As your experienced advisor, we help assess your insurance needs based on your current financial circumstance, goals, and objectives. We explore what actions and plans to put into place if appropriate, to provide a superior level of protection that is consistent with your current goals. In collaboration with your other professional counsels, we design your risk management and insurance needs to optimize asset protection.

Employer & Benefits Review

Introductory Call & Identify current benefit offerings/packages. Key elements to consider include the following: Salary, wages, bonuses and commissions; Financial wellness; Health insurance; Retirement plans; Paid time off (vacation, sick, personal, parental leave, etc.); Flexible hours and remote work arrangements; etc.

Medicare Planning

Medicare is a health insurance program for people 65 and older, as well as for some younger people with disabilities. Proper Medicare planning can include what Medicare covers, how to enroll in the program, and how to choose the right Medicare plan to meet your individual health care needs and budget. It's important to understand when you are eligible for Medicare and learn about all the different options available to

Tax Strategies

Advanced tax planning services for high net-worth families typically involve the use of complex tax strategies to minimize the tax liability of the family and its members. These strategies may include the use of trusts, charitable giving, and other specialized techniques to reduce taxes on income, capital gains, and estate assets. Some specific advanced tax planning services that may be offered to high net-worth families include: Trust planning: Trusts can