Estate & Legacy Planning

Estate planning is a process that allows an individual to specify who will manage their estate, who receives their money, how they receive it, and when they receive it. Failure to plan ahead would result in a default to state law in determining the ultimate disposition of an estate. We work with our clients, their families, and collaborate with their legal and tax counsel, to develop a comprehensive framework that will ease the estate planning process and make sure their wishes are carried out.

Estate Planning Services:

  • Analyze and understand the current state overview
  • Develop a strategy, structure and implement an effective method of disposition of your estate that meets client objectives, core values and principles
  • Reduce the emotional and financial burden of the client’s beneficiary(s)
  • Continuously review estate to ensure plans remain up to date with all legal, regulatory and tax changes
  • Minimize the impact of income, estate and gift taxes
  • Postmortem estate administration