Employer & Benefits Review

Steps to Compensation Benefits Review


1) Introductory Call & Identify current benefit offerings/packages. Key elements to consider include the following:

  • Salary, wages, bonuses and commissions
  • Financial wellness
  • Health insurance
  • Retirement plans
  • Paid time off (vacation, sick, personal, parental leave, etc.)
  • Flexible hours and remote work arrangements
  • Other insurance types/voluntary insurance (vision insurance, dental insurance, critical illness insurance, long- term care insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, pet insurance, etc.)
  • Mental health support
  • Tuition and student loan support
  • Childcare benefits


2) Assess and analyze your current compensation/ benefit package:

  • Are your benefits being underutilized?
  • Cost analysis of current worksite benefits
  • Cost analysis of any adjustments to those worksite benefits
  • Cost / Benefit analysis of supplemental benefits not


3) Review & recommendations